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Montessori Teacher Preparation is dedicated to guiding adult learners as they become Montessori directors, preparing to give children the "aid to living" which Dr. Maria Montessori believed to be their greatest need.  The program is designed to bring insight and understanding of the four components for Montessori education - the philosophy and method, the child, the adult and the prepared environment. 

Transformation of the Adult

Dr. Montessori believed that "the real preparation for education is the study of one's self". With this in mind, our adult learners spend time looking at how to best prepare themselves before beginning the work with the child, guiding them physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

The Training Program


MTPKC recognizes the changes in the educational world and the need for competent, peaceful and sensitive adults to serve as guides for our children. MTPKC provides a program of study to support educators as they transform themselves, their classrooms and school communities to better serve the children in their care by promoting Montessori as a peaceful approach to life.  This program provides a carefully planned sequence of learning experiences and activities that culminate in a Montessori Educational Programs, International (MEPI) certificate for Montessori Director of Early Childhood Education, Ages 3 – 6.


The educational philosophy of Maria Montessori is both method and subject matter for this training program. Presentations are based on Montessori principles and apply the concepts of individual differences and self-education to the adult learner.  Each person, whether a child or an adult, has a unique timetable that affects learning, motivation, needs and aspirations.   Recognition that education is a continuing, evolving part of life is the foundation of this training.  


Through participation, the adult learner will:

  • Develop an increased awareness of the self  

  • Learn the philosophy  and principles of child development through a historical perspective with a focus on Montessori and gain understanding of the needs of children

  • Gain skill in the presentation and use of material by Maria Montessori and understand the criteria by which all self-teaching apparatus is evaluated

  • Prepare teaching manuals appropriate for the level of study

  • Demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of the Montessori approach to education


A long and rich history of training individuals
Respect for individual learning styles
Limited enrollment to allow for one-on-one time as needed
Experienced instructors that form strong mentoring  relationships with the adult learners
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